Pre Kindergarten

Pre Kindergarten

Pre-kindergarten students will enjoy hands on experiences that will introduce them to beginning reading, writing and math skills while encouraging social development and motor skills. Music, movement, art and computers will be used daily to enhance the learning experience. Pre-kindergarten will enjoy daily Bible lessons focused on the concept that God created us, loves us, and provides for us as well as a weekly time of praise and worship when they attend chapel.

Program options

Our Pre-Kindergarten programs are designed to prepare students ages three and four to successfully enter Kindergarten either in our program or in the public schools. Full and half day options are available.





Our Pre-kindergarten program provides a unique blend of academic and spiritual education.  In order to provide experiences that promote a love of learning, our teachers use the following resources:

Pre-K 3 & 4:
First Look by The reThink Group

Pocket of Preschool

Play to Learn Preschool