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Think You Can’t Afford Private School?
Think Again!

Children spend on average 1,000 hours a year at school. That’s 8,000 hours of your child’s life from the time they enter school in Pre-K to the time they leave elementary school in 6th grade! These early years lay the foundation for their spiritual, social emotional, and academic growth.
While the undiscounted tuition cost is $11,500 annually, MSA has been blessed with generous donors who recognize the value of a private Christian education. These donors subsidize $5,000 per child per academic year for 100% of the children who attend Morning Star Academy. This donor commitment brings the cost to $6,500 annually PRIOR to discounts and our needs-based Indexed Tuition Program, which further decreases the annual tuition.

Our faculty would love to welcome you to the MSA family. Given our ability to individualize our Tuition Programs to make Morning Star Academy accessible to your family, the best way to explore the costs of private Christian education for your child is to allow us to create a customized quote.

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Still Concerned a Private Christian Education is out of Reach for your Family?

At Morning Star Academy, our desire is to make private Christian education accessible to all families who are committed to the philosophy and values of MSA and wish to partner with us. In addition, to the generous donations used to lower the cost of tuition for all students, we offer the following additional assistance.


  • Tuition discounts apply to tuition only.
  • Family discount of 5% off lesser tuition when 2 siblings are enrolled; 10% off least when three or more are enrolled.
  • 25% Pastor (applies to first child only)
  • 10% Local ISD teachers
  • 10% First Responders and Active Military
  • Tutition paid in full:
    • Prior to August 1st will receive an additional 5% discount
    • Prior to December 31st will receive an additional 2% discount


We offer a variety of ways that you can pay out the annual tuition including pay in full options, two annual payments, or monthly payments spread out over 9 months.


We realize the cost of Christian education can be a struggle for some families, for this reason, we offer indexed tuition that takes into consideration your families personal financial situation.


Parent Testimonials

What the parents of our students are saying.

  • My son loves MSA! He is always so excited to go to daycare every morning. He loves all of his teachers and classmates. I love how happy he is when going to daycare and how much he is smiling when he comes out of the building at dismissal. I know that he is well cared for and loved all day while I am at work. That makes my mommy heart so happy!
    Lynsie Matthews, Infant parent
  • My husband and I knew that we wanted our son to go to this school the year it was finished being built. We would drive by during construction and get so excited! The idea of a Christian based education center in our area was so exciting. The moment that we came to tour the school and meet the administration, we knew that this was the place we wanted our son to begin his educational journey. Four years later and we are still here, it was the best decision that we made for his education.
    Marilyn Boyett, K-6 parent
  • When we were first looking for daycare options for our daughter, we heard wonderful things about MSA. After speaking with a staff member about enrollment, we were excited to hear that not only were they a Christian based organization, they also weren’t just a daycare, but a certified school. Everyone we speak to at MSA is always so kind. The environment there won us over from the beginning. We just recently had a second child born and didn’t think twice about putting him in the daycare program. Thank you, MSA! We appreciate all you do!
    Jordan Willis, infant & preschool parent
  • My daughter has had a wonderful experience at MSA. She loves this school and can't wait to go in the morning. The teachers and curriculum are great!
    Makalah, PreK parent
  • Morning Star Academy has been one of the biggest blessings of moving to the area. The staff are kind, caring, communicative, and knowledgeable - I can tell my toddler feels known and secure because he just lights up when he gets out of the car every morning! Both my husband and I work full-time, and we are so grateful for the care our child receives at this special school.
    Gillian, Toddler parent
  • Morning Star Academy has been one of the biggest blessings of moving to the area. The staff are kind, caring, communicative, and knowledgeable - I can tell my toddler feels known and secure because he just lights up when he gets out of the car every morning! Both my husband and I work full-time, and we are so grateful for the care our child receives at this special school.
    Gillian, Toddler parent
  • Our experience with MSA has been great. The teachers genuinely care for the students and their well-being.
    Debra, K-6th Parent
  • At MSA, I have felt my child is valued - that every child is valued. The staff have placed the education and character development of their students at the top of their priorities. The staff and administration are professional and kind. The education, as well as other issues have always been dealt with from a Christian perspective. It is clear the staff are not just Christians in word, but in deed. The incredibly beautiful and modern facility is ALWAYS well maintained and clean. I feel my child is safe from both inside and outside dangers that other children face
    Patty, K-6th Parent
  • We loved the community review of MSA and meeting with the Director for the first time really finalized our decision to send our son here. This team is kind and sweet, and we appreciate the love and attention they offer our son.
    Cassandra, Preschool mom
  • The staff and teachers at Morning Star Academy are very caring and provide communication on a regular basis. We are impressed with how much our child has grown emotionally, socially, and academically since starting at the academy.
    Veronica, Toddler parent
  • Every time I drop my daughter off at school or other programs I leave knowing that she is being well cared for and loved. I never feel like the staff that work with my daughter are doing it for a job but because they truly care and enjoy being with her. Since I can't be a stay-at-home mom, I feel that her going to MSA is the next best thing for her.
    Michelle, K-6th Parent
  • We have been blessed to have our children in this school for the last 5 years. The staff is family oriented and have good moral beliefs and values that we have in our home. The quality of teachers and the education they have received is unmatched when it is backed by God’s blessing. Our children will have a better start to their entire lives because of this school and itsteachings. My children have been empowered by the Bible’s teachings to handle anything life throws at them and deal with it in a positive manner. This is only a fraction of what the school is about!
    Daniel, K-6th Parent
  • MSA has been such a blessing to our little love and our family. This was the first place our son stayed outside of family starting in toddler transition class. They helped him transition as well as my mommy heart. Many tears from mom in the beginning, they were there for us both. They care for our little the same as we do. We have enjoyed seeing him grow so much since we first started at MSA, not only into his tiny self but the Christian teachings and learning the Bible. I love that he comes home with questions about Jesus and telling us things he learned. This is an amazing, caring group of teachers, staff, & leaders that go above & beyond. I will forever be grateful for this group.
    Carmen, PreK Parent
  • Morning Star Academy has been a blessing to us. We come from Venezuela and have been away from family which makes it difficult to raise our children without the support that family can provide. MSA has been incredibly supporting and from the beginning (almost 5 years ago) we felt it was the perfect place for our girls to grow and learn. We appreciate every MSA member because they all put their hearts into what they do, care for our children.
    Cristina, Toddler & PreK Parent