Our Facility

Our Facility

We think you’ll love our facility as much as we do

Our facility features state of the art instructional technology, spacious classrooms, and covered playgrounds. Working gardens and an outdoor learning environment will provide hands-on opportunities for students to explore God’s creation. A sustainable and environmentally friendly design highlights the academy’s commitment to caring for the environment. The facility includes 17 classrooms, a large multipurpose room, and gymnasium.

Facility highlights

  • Natural light in all instructional spaces
  • Spacious classrooms
  • State of the art instructional technology
  • Covered drive-thru drop off and pick up
  • Outdoor learning environment
  • Covered playgrounds
  • Splash pad for summer water play
  • Large multi-purpose room
  • Environmentally friendly design and construction

Keeping kids safe

At MSA, we are committed to keeping kids safe at school. Many features throughout the building are designed with safety in mind. All entryways are locked 24/7. In addition security cameras throughout the building allow us to monitor activity both inside and out as needed. Our office is equipped with both Raptor Visitor Monitoring and KidCheck software in order to accurately account for the safety of all children while in our care.