The following is the tuition and fees for 2019/2020


Tuition Rates

5 Day Program (8:30-3:00)


3 Day Program-M, W, F (8:30-3:00)


2 Day Program-T, Th (8:30-3:00)



5 Day Program (8:30-3:00)


3 Day Program-M, W, F (8:30-3:00)


A deposit of $250 (part-time) and $400 (full-time) is required for infant and toddler programs. This deposit will be applied to your last monthly payment.

PK-3 & PK-4

5 Day Program (8:00-3:00)


Half Day Program (8:00-11:30)



5 Day Program (8:00-3:00)



5 Day Program (8:00-3:00)


Tuition is based on the regular school calendar and includes enrollment, fieldtrip, supply and technology fees.

EXTENDED CARE (6:30 AM-8:30 AM & 3:00 PM-6:00 PM)

Extended Care charges are due at the beginning of each month and are not included in the above tuition.

5 Day Program

$152/month PK3 and up

$180/month Infants-Transition

3 Day Program-M, W, F

$93/month PK3 and up

$122/month Infants-Transition

2 Day Program-T, Th

$65/month PK3 and up

$77/month Infants-Transition

Holiday Rate (PK3 and Up)

$30/day 8:00-3:00

$35/day 6:30-6:00

Students enrolled full time in extended care receive a $10/day discount off the holiday rates


New Student Enrollment Fee (Infants-Transition & Extended Care)


Re-enrollment Fee (Infants-Transition & Extended Care)


Transportation Fee (For Pick-up at local elementary schools)


Meal Plan (Optional for K-8th)


Activity Fees (applies to those who participate only)


Alternate Day Drop-In


Extended Care Drop-In (before/afterschool)

$10/day PK3 and up

$15/day Infants-Transition

Tuition discounts:

Tuition discounts apply to tuition only.
Family discount of 5% off lesser tuition when 2 siblings are enrolled; 10% off least when three or more are enrolled.
25% Pastor (applies to first child only)
10% Local ISD teachers
10% First Responders and Active Military
Tuition paid in full:
prior to August 1st will receive an additional 5% discount
prior to December 31st will receive an additional 2% discount

Tuition assistance:

It is our desire to make attendance at MSA possible for children of parents who are committed to the mission and values of MSA, believe that God would have them send their children to MSA, but are unable to do so because of financial hardship or other unfortunate circumstances.  For more information regarding tuition assistance click here.

Payment plans

Payment plans are managed by a third pray and require an annual plan enrollment fee. We have a variety of payment plans to fit your needs including annual, bi-annual and monthly plans.